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Intercultural Competence



Offered Projects


  • Development of the "International Summercamp for Juniors"
    "Prepared for the Future with Life Skills"
     - Project for Enterpreneurship - Education for Life Long Learning

  • Development of the Life Long Learning - Coaching Network:
    mobile, individual, need oriented and customised
    Education Coaching - "Education for Life Skills"
    Project for Enterpreneurship-Education for Life Long Learning

  • Creation of the KIST Academy. The KIST Academy reacts on the change of the economy, and the out of this resulting change of the education of the employees. the KIST Academy offers a positive and innovative learning and development environment for training and education so that people get a joyful, easy and sustainable acces to knowledge and so creates the perfect condition for Life Long Learning. All seminars can be offered in German and English and as company-intern seminars as well. For more information please download the seminar folder (document only in German available)

  • Creation of an action- and competence oriented education campus for the technical education in the area of Mechatronics according to the needs of Carinthia. This competence center responds to the needs of the economy, the region and the supra-regional area (Alpe-Adria) and shall be designed according to the needs of the employees.

  • Organisation of  English Business Workshops: "Training of Excellence in Business English and International Communication with native Speakers "

  • The establishment of an Austrian Chinese Institute for Event, Exhibition and Congress Management & Research, in Shanghai, China, based on European Educational Standards (Austria). This institute takes into consideration the needs of the students as well as the educational demands as needed in and for the economic field.

  • Communication Skills in Serbia,  bridge building between the economy and the school. This Workshop focuses on the importance of e-learning using blended strategies to link new technologies with existing resources and traditional language teaching so as to facilitate the transition from school to the world of international business.

  • The establishment of a private international School Campus in Egypt, based on European Educational Standards. The school focuses on inter and cross cultural aspects which in turn will promote the process of democracy, peace education and economic growth.

  • Development of European evaluation standards for quality-work in training enterprises by e-learning sequences - involving real firms, teachers, psychologists and software-developers

  • Financial Congress  Bridge building between business, vocational education & training, financial institutions and the government. The main themes of the Congress are the various financial models, grants and loans and basic frameworks. There will also be an integrated exhibition for businesses and enterprises.

  • HRD - The Value of Human-Resources is an European Human Resources Development Congress and Exhibition for Knowledge-Transfer. The EU is the perfect setting in which to raise awareness of the importance of HRD and how it will affect future human relationships.

  • "Mobile Skills Academy" - installation of a mobile, cost-efficient, globally adaptable and independent vocational education & training campus, linked with qualified trainers and the necessary curriculum

  • Promotion of simulation-based practical Training for Commercial, Administrative and Business Professions in a country


  • "Dual System" education - development of a vocational education & training system open to all young and new skilled employees with advantages for both, the business and education sectors

  • "A new approach to Vocational Training: International Communication Skills for Business & Tourism"

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